Health & Safety Policy

Wisdom Walls was founded in 2020 by a group of experienced professionals who pride themselves on the quality they can provide in Building and Remedial Construction and Structural Construction Contracting. Wisdom Walls specialises in providing and installing flush and quality permanent formwork systems. Wisdom Walls is confident in the service they can provide, due to having our own trained staff, our own equipment and proper management to lead the way. Wisdom Walls follows a strict Health and Safety Policy, which ensures the safety and wellbeing of all our staff members, along with those who work beside us on site. Wisdom Walls promises to:

  • Provide a safe work environment for all staff members, where health and safety comes first
  • Provide a work environment that shields our employees from work related injury and/or illness
  • Frequently revisit our Management system
  • Fulfil our legal requirements under WHS
  • Consult, refer and apply feedback from our staff members
  • Amalgamation of risk management
  • Incorporation of risk assessment and development
  • Incorporation of Government legislation in regards to health and safety on work sites
  • Making sure our Health and Safety Policy is available to all those interested
  • Having regular site safety inspections
  • Reviewing our policies on an annual basis

Environmental Policy

At Wisdom Walls, we pride ourselves on the incorporation of environmental safety and having a minimal negative impact on the environment through our operations. Wisdom Walls considers the environment and takes responsibility for our behaviour on site towards keeping a healthy and sustainable environment. Wisdom Walls promises to:

  • Consider all environmental issues at the highest level
  • Minimise impact to environmental areas such as, flora, fauna, water, land and atmosphere
  • Prevent pollution wherever possible in order to protect our natural enviornment
  • Provide regulations for our staff members based on environmental sustainability, specific to each site we are working on
  • Provide improvements to our environmental plans on site
  • Assess and redevelop our environmental plans based on experience
  • Confer with our employees about the effectiveness of these plans and for further judgement
  • Maintain a system which complies with environmental legislation

At Wisdom Walls, this environmental policy is applicable to all team members, including those at the highest level. All staff members will regularly be assessed in making sure that they are conforming to these regulations.

Quality Policy

Wisdom Walls works hard to not only meet our client’s expectations, but to also surpass standard regulations and competitors quality. We are proud of our work ethic and our ability to deliver the highest quality walls on all our projects. Wisdom Walls promises to:

  • Work towards what our customers ask for and require
  • Surpass customers’ expectations and requirements
  • Have a management team that can lead our employees to the highest level of success on our projects
  • Have team members who want to be at work, are engaged in what they are doing and have experience
  • Continually assess our progress at different stages of our projects, in order to ensure the highest quality
  • Always be open to feedback and take on new ideas for company improvement and development
  • Evaluate information, feedback and data in order to provide the highest quality result
  • Have great working relationships with our suppliers, in order to ensure the best possible service for our customers

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Wisdom Walls does not leave any room for mistakes made based on drugs and alcohol, priding ourselves on a ZERO tolerance level. In order to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of all that work with and around us at Wisdom Walls, we do not allow our employees, clients, contractors, visitors or anyone else on site be under the influence of any drug or alcohol related substances. This automatically decreases the risk of work place related accidents. Wisdom Walls promises to:

  • Send home any employees who are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol related substances
  • Stop all work on site, including machinery, vehicles, maintenance, tools, building or equipment handling, if there is a risk of someone being under the influence of drug or alcohol related substances
  • Allow for our employees to be aware of this policy
  • Provide help and resources to any employees that might need it
  • Dismiss any employees who do not comply with this ZERO TOLERANCE policy
  • Maintain these promises with utmost importance